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Grocery Shopping, Errands & More!


Shopping Rates:

Grocery total up to $150 = $25

Grocery total more than $150 = $35

Same Day Service = $15

2 or more stops = $15



·        Helping a parent or grandparent

·        Never standing in long lines again

·        Driving home from work without stopping

·        Saving money on gasoline

·        Avoiding impulse purchases


How it works:

·        Send me your grocery list by email or telephone

·        Together, we arrange a time for delivery

·        I do the shopping according to your grocery list

·        Grocery stores, Pharmacy, Dry Cleaning & more

·        I deliver groceries at our prearranged date and time


For information, contact Donna:

Phone: (904) 588-3808



Prices subject to change in 2015




Donna Shops For You!


Personalized Service at Affordable Prices!


Contact Donna..Easy as 1..2..3..


credit card, check or cash


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